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Whether you love your food or just need something to prepare basic meals, this guide is here to help you find the right cooker for your kitchen. It will explain the common features of different cookers allowing you to reach an informed decision about what's right for you.

Cookers Buying Guide

A cooker is an appliance which combines a separate hob, an oven and usually a grill. This guide has been split down into a series of questions that cover what we recommended you ask yourself when buying a cooker. You can read these sections individually but we recommend reading them all to get the most out of the guide. If you would prefer to just see a simple summary of core cooker terms then see the cooker glossary that accompanies this guide.

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  • Gas cookers offer an easy to control gas oven and a responsive gas hob which allows you go from boiling to simmering in seconds.
  • Electric Hobs come in three options; sealed plate, ceramic and induction. There are also two types of electric oven; fan assisted and conventional.
  • Dual fuel cookers have a gas hob with an electric oven, giving the best of both worlds.

To explore the different fuel types in more depth, see: What type of fuel source do I want for my cooker?

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All cookers come with additional features to help you produce great results such as:

  • Wok burners - extra large gas burners that are designed for woks, great for cooking stir-fries. They provide all over heat to the base and sides of a wok.
  • Defrost - gently defrosts by circulating air around the food . This speeds up defrosting delicate foods without damaging them. Good for meats because it defrosts without cooking (unlike a microwave).
  • Rotisserie style / fan assisted grilling - combines grilling with baking. Good for meat and excellent for poultry because it leaves it fully cooked but with a crispy skin.
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  • Programmable timer - allows you to pre-set a start and finish time for your oven. This means that you can have your food ready when you need it.
  • Minute minder - counts down how long is left until your food is ready and gives an alarm when it is cooked.
  • Glass door - allows you to check on your food without having to keep opening the door ensuring the temperature inside the oven remains constant and less energy is wasted.
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  • Pyrolytic cleaning - a setting that heats the oven to 500° and breaks down any dirt to a fine ash that can be easily swept away. This costs around 50p per clean.
  • Catalytic oven liners - absorbs grease and helps break it down when the oven is turned on. The liners can be replaced if needed.
  • Wipe clean surfaces - are made from easy clean enamel which you can quickly wipe down with a warm soapy sponge.
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