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When deciding which freezer is right for you, you need to think about which features are best suited to your needs. This buying guide is designed to help explain all the different styles of freezer available to you and describe how each feature can help keep your food in the best condition.

Freezer Buying Guide

The amount of space you have in your kitchen/utility room can be a deciding factor. Freestanding freezers are ideal if you need a large amount of storage space and have room in your kitchen for a freezer and matching refrigerator unit.

Freezers are full of thoughtful design features to make storing your frozen food easier and more convenient, maximising available space. Whether you require more freezing space and have sufficient room for a tall/upright or chest freezer, or less space and want to store frozen foods conveniently beneath the worktop, there will be a model which suits your needs.

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  • Tall/upright freezers offer large capacities, idea for medium - large families who like to stock up on food for the week.
  • Under the counter freezers are great for storing small amounts of frozen foods or ice cubes. Perfect for couples or those who live alone.
  • Chest freezers are horizontal top opening models that are ideal for big families who need a large amount of extra storage. Select models can be stored in garages or out buildings.

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The storage space for freezers is measured in total litres rather than the physical dimensions of each compartment.

  • 100 - 250 litres - if you have a small family (1-2 people) this size freezer capacity will give you enough space to store a week's worth of food.
  • 200 - 450 litres - this size freezer will be perfect for a medium sized family (3-4 people).
  • 450+ litres - if you have a large household (5 people+) you will probably need a freezer with this size total capacity.

All offer a host of smart food storage compartments, cleverly designed for easy living.

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You can choose a built in model, freestanding or built under depending on what you want to achieve in your kitchen.

  • Built in models will fit behind an existing furniture door and the front of the appliance is not on show.
  • Freestanding models will fit wherever you have a space and it is important to consider colour as the whole front of the appliance will be on show.
  • Built under models are designed to slot underneath a work surface.

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All freezers are now rated by the EU to let people know how much energy is needed to run them. The energy ratings go from 'A' to 'G' with 'A' being the best. A freezer with a good energy rating will save you electricity and money on your energy bills. Some manufacturers have models which they label as 'A+' and 'A++'.

  • An 'A+' model is 10% more energy efficient than an 'A' rated.
  • An 'A++' model is 20% more energy efficient than an 'A' rated model.

A good way to work out just how much money buying an energy saving freezer will save you is to calculate how much it costs to run over a year. To help you we have calculated how much it costs to run your freezer depending on how energy efficient it is.

    Annual running cost (£)  
  A++ A+ A B C
Chest freezer 23 29 30 35 39
Upright freezer 22 28 29 40 36
Running costs are based upon the sales-weighted average size of Freezers. Running costs will be lesser or greater for smaller than and larger than average appliances respectively.
Assumes electricity tariff of 12.50p/kWh.
Thank you to the Energy Saving Trust for providing this informaion
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