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A range cooker is an extra large, stylish cooker. All contain special features and functions to assist a range of cooks from learners to experienced chefs. If you have ever used a range cooker then you'll know the difference they can make and the style which one can bring to your kitchen.

Range Cooker Buying Guide

Choosing the right range cooker is a simple matter when you know what to look for. This guide is here to explain the common features of range cookers allowing you to make a decision about which model is right for your kitchen. You can read through the whole guide, skip ahead by clicking on one of the questions below or just see a list of important phrases and their meanings in the range cooker glossary.

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  • Pyrolytic cleaning - a setting that heats the oven to 500° and breaks down any dirt to a fine ash that can be easily swept away. This costs around 50p per clean.
  • Catalytic oven liners - absorbs grease and helps break it down when the oven is turned on. The liners can be replaced if needed.
  • Wipe clean surfaces - are made from easy clean enamel which you can quickly wipe down with a warm soapy sponge.
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  • Programmable timer - allows you to pre-set a start and stop time for your oven. This allows you to have your food ready at a time which suits you.
  • Minute minder - counts down how long is left until your food is ready and gives an alarm when it is cooked.
  • Glass door - allows you to check on your food without having to keep opening the door, so that the temperature inside the oven remains constant and less energy is wasted.
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Range cookers offer a number of special functions to help you produce some delicious dishes, for example:

  • Wok burners - extra large burners with more than one ring of gas that are designed for cooking with a wok, great for cooking stir-fries.
  • Solarglo dual zone - an extended cooking zone to handle larger pans, casserole dishes etc.
  • Multifunction cooking programmes - such as defrosting (where the fan moves warm air over the food to encourage slow defrosting), rotisserie style (a grill heating from above while hot air is circulated around the food) and pizza oven.
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  • Gas - gas cookers offer an easy to control gas oven and a responsive gas hob which allows you go from boiling too simmering in seconds.
  • Electric - there are three types of electric hob; sealed plate, ceramic and induction and two types of electric oven, fan assisted and conventional.
  • Dual fuel - dual fuel cookers use both gas and electricity and normally come with a gas hob and electric grill and oven.
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