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How is my new cooker hood going to fit in my kitchen?

There are three important things to remember when choosing where to place your cooker hood.

  1. It should be directly above your hob.
  2. It should be within reach of an electricity supply.
  3. If you choose a ducted/vented/perimeter extraction model it will have access to an exterior wall.

Kitchen appliances come in two fit typesintegrated and freestanding. All cooker hood models are built-in /integrated, the amount of the hood which will be visible depends on the style of the hood. Fully Integrated appliances are built-in to a kitchen in such a way that they are hidden when not in use and semi integrated models are incorporated as part of your kitchen design and displayed as a focal point in your kitchen.

Cooker hoods come in 5 styles.

Chimney cooker hood
Chimney style cooker hoods - have a chimney leading off above the fan. You need to make sure that there is enough room above your cooker top for 75cm between the hob and the hood and room above the hood for the chimney vent.

Island cooker hoodPlease note that chimney cooker hoods are designed to be mounted on a wall, if you are after one that is designed to be seen from all four sides and suspended from the ceiling you need an island hood.

Island cooker hoods - look just like chimney hoods. The important difference is that island models don’t need to be mounted onto a wall as they are designed to be suspended from your ceiling. Ideal if your kitchen has a modern style and your hob is in the middle of the room.

Visor cooker hoodVisor/conventional cooker hoods - stick directly out of a wall. This kind of unit is very rarely found in sizes above the standard 60cm width.

Fully-integrated cooker hoodFully Integrated cooker hoods – are built into the cabinet above your hob and are hidden behind a panel or door which must be opened in order to use. Almost all integrated models are 60cm wide or less, so if you are looking for a cooker hood that is only visible when in use but can be hidden the rest of the time, an integrated hood is ideal.

Canopy cooker hoods - are built-in to the underneath of a cabinet directly above the hob. They are sometimes confused with integrated hoods but while integrated hoods are hidden behind a door and can be shut away, canopy hoods are always visible.

When checking the size of a cooker hood there are two important things to bear in mind. Firstly you need to make sure that the unit you choose fits your cooker – so if you have a range cooker that is 90cm wide you will get the best results from a hood that is 90cm wide. Secondly, all cooker hoods should be placed so that the bottom of the unit is approximately 75cm above the hob.

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