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How much is my freezer going to cost to run?

When buying a high investment item like a freezer it is important to evaluate how much it will cost to run. All models are now rated by the EU to let people know how much energy they use. The energy ratings go from ‘A’ to ‘G’ with ‘A’ being the best. A freezer with a high energy rating will save you electricity and money on your energy bills. The majority of freezers are ‘A’ rated, however some manufacturers will have ‘A+’ or ‘A++’. ‘A+’ is 10% more energy efficient than an ‘A’ rated model and ‘A++’ is 20% more efficient than an ‘A’ rated model.

A good way to work out just how much buying an energy saving freezer will save you is to calculate how much it costs to run over a year. To help you we have calculated how much it costs to run your freezer depending on how energy efficient it is.

These calculations take into account that your freezer is working 24 hours a day, every day of the year and base the average energy cost at 11p per kilowatt per hour. The table below will give you a better guide to the differences in costs between the different energy efficient freezer.

    Annual running cost (£)  
  A++ A+ A B C
Chest freezer 23 29 30 35 39
Upright freezer 22 28 29 40 36
Running costs are based upon the sales-weighted average size of Freezers. Running costs will be lesser or greater for smaller than and larger than average appliances respectively.

Assumes electricity tariff of 12.50p/kWh.

Thank you to the Energy Saving Trust for providing this informaion
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