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Which freezers can I keep in a garage?


Sometimes, there just isn't enough room in the kitchen to fit all your food. Many people choose to have a separate freezer in an alternate location. Usually the preferred place is a garage or outhouse.  This is why you need to carefully consider what freezer is suitable for such places to prevent damaging, or even breaking your appliance.

Climate Control

Most freezers operate most effectively within their designated climate class. This can range from between a minimum ambient temperature of +10°C to a maximum of +43°C. Anything outside of this range could seriously affect your freezer’s ability to function optimally.

Cold Storage

Because garages are generally colder, manufacturers recommend not placing a freezer in there or any other outbuilding. A freezer operates with a thermostat that records the outside air temperature. If the temperature is warm, or within the designated climate range, then the compressor will turn on to keep food cold.

However, if the temperature is too low, the thermostat will think that it does not need to turn the compressor on. The freezer will struggle to keep your food chilled properly. It may even end up defrosting completely.

Flexible choice

So what can you do? Well, some manufacturers recognise that garage storage is becoming more and more popular, especially for larger space-taking models such as chest freezers. This is why they have developed appliances that are specially designed to operate in lower ambient temperatures as cold as -15°C. If a freezer is suitable for outside storage it will be stated on the specifications or instruction manual.

Being able to store your freezer in the garage will save you space in the home, plus it provides excellent additional storage for your existing appliances.

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