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Do you need a vented or condenser tumble dryer?

Tumble dryers are avaliable as either vented or condenser models and the type you choose will depend on what will be best suited to your kitchen layout and which offers you the greatest convenience.Q1 - vented

  • Vented tumble dryer models require a hose to remove the steam from the dryer through a tube and outside. These are more difficult to install as they need to be positioned adjacent to an exterior wall, but are easier to run, as water does not need to be emptied.


Q1 condenser

  • Condenser tumble dryer models on the other hand will fit anywhere in the home as the moisture is collected inside the appliance ready to be emptied after the cycle. These models are easier to install and can be moved even after they have been installed. But you do need to regularly empty the water condenser.


Whichever style of tumble dryer you choose, you need to make sure you regularly clean the fluff filter. Lint that inevitably gathers in your tumble dryer over time gets trapped in the filter and if not cleaned, can slow down drying cycles and decrease efficiency, causing more energy to be wasted per cycle.

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