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How much is your tumble dryer going to cost to run?

Q6 - C + V When buying a high investment item such as a tumble dryer, it is important to evaluate how much it will cost to run. All models are now rated by the EU to let you know how much energy is used when running them. The energy ratings go from 'A' to 'G', with ‘A’ being the best.

The majority of tumble dryers are 'B' or 'C' rated. If you are willing to spend more on your appliance then a few ‘A’ rated models are available. These will save you electricity and money on your energy bills.

A good way to work out just how much buying an energy saving tumble dryer will save you, is to calculate how much it costs to run over a year. To help you with this, we have calculated how much it costs to run a tumble dryer, depending on how energy efficient it is.

The figures on the table below are based on the average household doing 4 laundry loads per week, and based on the average energy cost being 11p per kilowatt per hour. It can cost less or more, depending on which settings you use. The tables below will give you a better guide to the differences in costs between the different energy efficient tumble dryers.

Condenser Tumble Dryers
 Annual running cost (£)
   3.4kg  6kg  7kg  8kg  9kg
 A Rated  33 58 67  77  87 
 B Rated  38 67 78 90  101 
 C Rated  43 77 89  102  115 
 D Rated  49 86  100  115  129 
 E Rated  54 96 111  127  143 
 F Rated  60 105  123  140  158 
 G Rated  62 110  129  147  165 
Vented Tumble Dryers
 Annual running cost (£)
   3.4kg  6kg  7kg  8kg  9kg
 A Rated  30 54  62  71  80 
 B Rated  35 62 72  83  93 
 C Rated  40 70  82  94  106 
 D Rated  45 79  92  105  118 
 E Rated  49 87 102  116  131 
 F Rated  54 96  111  127  143 
 G Rated  60 105 123 140 158 

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