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Do washer dryers need to be fitted with a vent hose?

vent hose with an x through itThe answer is no. All washer dryers use a condenser tumble dryer rather than a vented tumble dryer. This does not vent the hot air through a pipe via an external wall, but condenses and collects the moisture from the drying cycle in a water bottle.

In a standard condenser tumble dryer you would have to manually empty this container, but in a washer dryer this water is drained away for you.

Yes, that's right, there's no hard work involved at all, easy peasy!

The water is flushed out of the drain hose which you can either place into the sink, or have it plumbed out of the same waste pipe used to drain the water from the wash cycle.

When you think about it, you have all the benefits of tumble dryer, without any of the hassle.

And, because washer dryers use condensation-based drying, they are easy to install under cabinets, or anywhere with electricity and a water supply. There is no need to place a washer dryer against an external wall.

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