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Do washer dryers require a cold or hot fill?

Like new washing machines, all new washer dryers are cold fill only.thermometer

In these days of low-temperature wash programmes, a hot fill washer dryer is unnecessary. If you need to, you can still carry out a hot wash because the water is still heated but it’s done inside the machine rather than in your boiler.

Traditionally when washer dryers had both hot and cold fill pipes, the water would be heated firstly in the boiler and then reheated inside the washer dryer. Now this heating process occurs only once, saving energy and keeping your electricity costs down.

hot thermometer Some may argue that a traditional hot water system is more efficient at producing hot water in large quantities, but the difference will only really be significant on high-temperature (90°C) programme.

When water enters a washer dryer, it does so at the temperature it is in your mains pipe which is approximately 15°C. This means that if you select a 15°C wash or colder, the water doesn’t have to be heated at all.

A great benefit of a cold fill washer dryer is its ability to control the water temperature more accurately and avoid damaging fabrics, especially delicate woolens etc.

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