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My washer dryer makes my clothes smell horrible. What can I do?

There could be various reasons that your clothes smell after using you washer dryer. In order to combat the smell, it’s important to find out the root of the odour. You could just mask the smell with fabric softeners or perfumed sprays but this will not prevent the problem from happening again and again.

The following problems could be the reason for an unexpected odour:man with a peg on his nose

  • Do you perform a regular maintenance wash? In today’s world of cold and cool washes, bacteria are allowed to build up inside your washer dryer. Bacteria are killed at 60°C and above, so if you’re not washing at these temperatures, your machine could develop a putrid smell. The easiest way to rid your washer dryer of bacteria is to set the machine to run on a maintenance wash, if your machine has this option, or a hot wash, if your machine doesn’t have a preset maintenance cycle.
  • Are you overloading your machine? If there are too many clothes in the drum, it’s unlikely that your washer dryer is drying them thoroughly.  Damp fabric = nasty smell. Reduce the amount of clothes you add to a complete wash and dry cycle, and then see if you still end up with a smelly load.
  • Are you closing the door? After every wash or dry cycle, you should leave the washer dryer’s door slightly ajar. If the hot air and moisture isn’t allowed to escape, it could condense inside your machine and leave you with mildew around the rubber door seal and inside the drum. This could be the cause of the odour. Give the inside of the drum and door seals a thorough clean with hot, soapy water - this should get rid of any germs that are lurking. Then remember to leave the door slightly open after every use.
  • Are you cleaning the fluff filter and pre-chamber? If your washer dryer has a fluff/lint filter, you should clean it out after every drying cycle. Failure to do so could result in a pong, and decrease the energy efficiency of your machine. The pre-chamber is usually located at the front and base of your machine; it’s there to catch any loose items that you leave in trouser pockets etc. If there is a blockage within the chamber, damp water could be collecting and causing an odour. The instruction manual will tell you where and how to locate and empty the pre-chamber on your particular model, it’s usually very simple to do.

Once you’ve located the source of the smell, tackle the problem head on, and you washing will be as fresh a daisy.daisies on a pile of fresh towels

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