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What size washer dryer do you need?

white and chrome washer dryerThe amount of laundry you can do in one load depends on the drum size of your washer dryer, the larger the drum size the more laundry the machine will be able to handle effectively.

Drum size is measured by the weight it can handle, for example a 5kg drum can handle 5kg of washing. However with washer dryers the total load capacity for washing and drying is different, washer dryers can wash more clothes at once than they can dry. Therefore, to get the best drying results the load size must be reduced, this is because to best wash clothes they should be close together. To best dry clothes they need room to allow them to move through the warm air. Also when clothing has room to move when drying it can help reduce creases.

Washer dryers can be used three ways; washing only, drying only and washing and drying as a whole cycle without a break in-between.


Load Capacities
Drum Size Family Size Capacity Drying
    Wash T-shirts Duvet Drying T-shirts
5kg Couples and small families 5kg 25 - 3kg 9
6kg Medium size families 6kg 30 Single 4kg 12
7kg Medium size families 7kg 35 Double 5kg 15
8kg Medium size families 8kg 40 Queen Size 6kg 18
9kg Larger families 9kg 45 King Size 7kg 21
10kg Larger families 10kg 50 - 8kg 24



It can work out cheaper, in terms of how much water and electricity get used, to a few big washes rather than lots of little washes. On the other hand small wash loads can be quicker and better suited to particular types of fabric.



So which is right for you? You can see from our helpful table what the drum sizes mean in real terms. Obviously you won’t always be washing/drying just t-shirts at a time but if you think about how big a pile of 30 t-shirts would be or how big a single duvet is you will get a rough idea about how much washing and drying can be done at a time.

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