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Which is the best washer dryer for you?

washer dryers

We know that a lot of you don’t have much room to spare in your homes, and there isn’t always space for a separate washing machine and tumble dryer. When this is the case, it makes sense to opt for a washer dryer.

You’ll never again trip up over the maiden, nor will you have to dry your socks over the radiator. With a washer dryer in your home, you get the best of both worlds; a washing machine and a tumble dryer all under one roof.

"We want to be completely honest with you and make you aware of the pros and cons of washer dryers, which should help you make an informed decision." – Katie, Appliances Online

Ok, so let’s start with the pros:

  • With a washer dryer you can wash and dry a small load in one go, so the drying cycle starts as soon as the wash cycle has finished. This means you only need to load and unload once.
  • A great benefit of washer dryers is that there is no need to vent them, or empty any water containers. All of the water that’s expelled during the drying process is simply disposed of through the waste water pipe.
  • If you've got a bit of extra cash, some of the more expensive washer dryers feature sensor drying, so the drying cycle will stop once your clothes are dry, rather than keep tumbling until you turn it off.

Here are just a few things you need to be aware of when buying a washer dryer:

  • It’s a good idea to remember that you can’t wash and dry at the same time. So, if you get through a lot of washing in a week, it may not be the most time efficient method for you. You’ll have to wait until a wash cycle has finished before you can put a drying cycle on.
  • If you’re washing a full load, you’ll need to remove up to half the load after the main wash and then tumble dry the two loads separately. "Why?" I hear you ask? This is because clothes need extra space for drying.
  • Washer dryers are not as energy efficient as separate appliances, with most being A or B rated. However, LG have a couple of top of the range A+++ rated washer dryers on the market.
  • They are also less efficient at drying compared to a standalone tumble dryer because the heating element is smaller so clothes may not come out completely dry. It's nothing major to worry about as this will just be surface moisture that’ll evaporate quickly.

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