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Which wash and dry options should you look out for?

All washer dryers offer a number of clothes care programmes with advanced technologies that allow you to make adjustments to cycles to best suit particular laundry loads. These adjustments include:

  • Variable spin speed – gives you the option to determine how fast your clothes are spun around in the machine. The faster the spin speed the more water will be extracted from your washing and the less time needed for the drying cycle to dry your clothing
  • Rinse hold – holds your washing in the drum in a shallow level of water just before the cycle ends which stops any creasing. You can resume the programme when you are ready for the cycle to finish.
  • Variable temperature - allows you change the default temperature and adapt it to specific garment label washing instructions for optimum clothing care.

control panel

To make it easier for you if you don’t know the best settings for your laundry, washer dryers also come equipped with specific wash programmes that tackle light to stubborn stains, such as:

  • Mixed load function - a fast cycle that allows an assortment of different fabrics and colours to be safely washed and dried together.
  • washing basketPre-wash function - achieves its results by pre-rinsing and loosening dirt from your clothes so that the main wash cycle can do its job more efficiently. Good for very dirty, hard wearing laundry e.g. cotton or linen, usually at a maximum temperature of 30°C.
  • Hand – wash/ wool wash / delicates option - runs as slow as 27rpm with a soft wash actions and special spin phase that ensures all your clothes keep their shape (please note you should always check your clothes care labels before washing and drying).
  • Rinse plus / extra rinse programme - can be used as a boost option to give your garments an extra rinse at the end of the wash cycle, useful to ensure that detergent particles don’t get trapped in fabric.

washing machine with laundry basket on topIf you are worried that drying could damage your clothes, washer dryers with a sensor drying function are designed to stop when the desired drying level is reached, so your clothes are never over dried. Some examples of the available drying levels are:

  • Extra/intensive dry - suitable for when you have cotton and linen items you want to put away without ironing (bathrobes, bath towels, etc.)
  • Automatic / normal dry - uses temperature sensors that detect the moisture in your clothes, and modify the drying time according to the machine load and type of laundry.
  • Gentle dry - takes a load capacity of 1.5kg and is designed for delicate fabrics, such as synthetics, fabric blends, as well as cotton with a drip dry finish; e.g. viscose rayon, modern acrylic and polyester.
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