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How noisy are washing machines?

Not everyone likes to turn up to 11 and when it comes to washing machines, the quieter the better. Thanks to the wonders of technology, some washing machines aren’t as noisy as you would think. Many high-end washing machines benefit from brushless or quiet drive motors – a smoother way to wash your laundry which is much easier on the ears. The LG F1480FD is a fine example of a whisper-quiet washing machine.

To work out how noisy a washing machine is, each model is given a decibel (dB) rating. A decibel is simply the unit used to measure the intensity of a specific sound – the higher the dB, the louder the sound is. 

As a general rule, any washing machine with a wash cycle running under 50dB and a spin cycle under 70dB is a quiet one. We’d recommend looking out for models with at least these ratings if there’s a baby at home, or if you just fancy more peace and quiet around the house. 

Ssshh! Take a look at this table for a better idea of decibel levels and their equivalent sound.

Equivalent sound  Decibel (dB) level 
 Vacuum cleaner  70 dB
 Conversational speech  60 dB
 Average home  50 dB
 Quiet library  40 dB
 Quiet bedroom at night  30 dB
 Background in TV studio  20 dB
 Rustling leaves in the distance  10 dB

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