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Why, hello there! I’m so excited you decided to stop by our blog…

If you stumbled here, you might be wondering where all the posts about washing machines and tumble dryers are. Well, you’ll be glad to hear, you’re not going to find them.

Why not?

It’s simple.  AO at Home is the lifestyle blog that has been created for YOU not for us.

So if it’s not a blog about appliances, what’s it about?

It’s all about what makes your home life a happy one – creating tasty and varied recipes, accessible interior design inspiration that’s bang on trend, gorgeous craft projects you can tackle in a weekend and interviews with industry personalities we think you want to get to know that little bit better.

If you love it, let me know.  If you want to see something different, let me know.  If you think you have what it takes to join our powerhouse of amazing bloggers that contribute to AO at Home, definitely let me know.

Otherwise, sit back, relax and enjoy.  Now, how ’bout a nice cup of tea?

Kimberly Hughes
Editor, AO at Home