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Have you noticed that hanging planters seem to be back in fashion? Yes, they are, just like tie-dye, they seem to have resurfaced and brought back a bit of nostalgia with them. It’s not all about looks though, because, if, like me, you like to have lots of green plants around the house, then you might – er, like me – at some point run out of places where to put them. This is where hanging planters are so great!

No surface space taken to rest plant pots and you can use them to give a plain window a little bit of life – hang several together in front of a wall instead of art or hang them from the ceiling as a great feature.

The materials requested are inexpensive and it’s a small project that can be completed in less than an hour, so it’s perfect even as a last-minute present.

Of course you don’t have to use a copper bowl. You can choose whichever bowl or plant pot is most to your taste. So, if you’d like to create a whole hanging garden for your home, why not start here and read on to find out how it’s done.

Here’s what you’ll need…

One bowl or plant pot  (I got mine here which made this project very economical too!)

Parcel string


Tape measure

And here’s how it’s done…

Measure out how long you would like the planter to be by putting the tape measure underneath the bowl and holding it up.  Add another 15cm to allow for knots. Cut 24 lengths of string in the measured length. Now tie all 24 pieces together with one big knot, this will be the bottom knot underneath your planter. Next, divide the 24 pieces into four sets of six pieces of string and lay out like a cross.

Using the tape measure, determine where you’d like the first set of knots to be. By measuring it, you’ll ensure that your pot will hang as straight as possible. Tie a knot into each of the four sections of string. Now divide each of the four sections into two. You will now have eight sections of string. Again, determine (with help of the tape measure) where on the length you’d like the second knot to be. Now take the right half of one of the sections and the left half of the section left to it and tie together. Repeat with the remaining three sections, always pairing up the half from the right with the half from the left of the string.  Place your bowl inside the “net” you have now created to ensure it is straight.

Once you can see that the bowl is straight, gather all 24 pieces of string together at the top and tie a large knot. Cut off any string that stands out at the top and the bottom knots.

Plant your favourite flowers.

You now have a lovely hanging planter with flowers that can be changed according to season. You can even transform it for Christmas by using pine twigs and cones…but I’m getting well ahead of myself now :-)

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