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There’s nothing nicer than giving your Mother’s Day gift a personal, handmade touch.

DIY Gilded Gift Boxes

It will remind your mum of handmade cards and presents you used to make her at school as a child! But also, it shows that you spent time making something gorgeous, rather than grabbing something last minute in the shops.

Gold Leaf Gift Boxes DIY

In fact, these gift boxes won’t take that much time at all, and you can then fill them with chocolates, some jewellery or anything else you know she’ll love.

DIY Gilded Gift Boxes

Here’s what you’ll need…

Gift Boxes Materials

Plain gift boxes (I got mine from Paperchase)


Golf leaf sheets

Gilding paste


Washi tape

Sprigs of Spring flowers

And here’s how it’s done…

You can leave the boxes plain, but I decided to paint one of mine in pale pink. Paint the lid and leave to dry.


Apply gilding paste in a diagonal on one half of the top of your lids. Leave this to dry for 15 minutes.


Now for the trickiest part – handling the gold leaf! It’s so delicate so try to be careful not to tear it. Lay a sheet across where you paste has been applied, and with your fingertip, lightly smooth it out.  If you do tear it, you can always patch it in with small pieces.


Carefully trim the edges of the gold leaf around the lid.


Finally, add a small sprig of flowers using a piece of washi tape.

Gold Leaf Gift Boxes DIY

You can keep the boxes simple as they are, or feel free to add pretty gift tags or ribbon, and of course don’t forget to fill with some special Mother’s Day treats!

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