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If you’re anything like me (i.e. a slightly obsessed collector of kitchen accessories), then you’ll probably always struggle with storage space for all those kitchen utensils which are too nice to be shoved away into a cupboard but shouldn’t just sit around the worktops either. With kitchen storage quite often limited, there’s a need for some more, ahem, creative solutions. This is particularly true when renting and putting up shelves all over the walls simply isn’t an option.

Well, I have come up with a solution which is perfect for small places and doesn’t require any screws to be put into walls or throwing away your favourite small pots and other useful accessories.

DIY Kitchen Trellis

All the things you’ll need for their little project are available from places like Homebase or B&Q and it will only take a relatively short time to complete. After that the only thing you’ll have to decide is which items you’d like to display.

DIY Kitchen Trellis

Here’s what you’ll need…

Kitchen Trellis Materials

6 foot garden trellis

wall paint – emulsion, or eggshell if you prefer a more lasting finish

white 25mm cup hooks

a paintbrush

old newpapter

And here’s how it’s done…

The trellis will generally be pretty clean when it comes from the garden centre, so you can get going with the painting straight away.  Lay out enough newspaper so the you don’t have to move the trellis.  Paint the trellis, leave to dry between coats. I would suggest two coats at least.

Kitchen Trellis Step 1

Screw in the hooks. This is best done in a staggered pattern (two hooks one row, three the next) to give enough space to hang items.

Kitchen Trellis Step 2

Prop up against your wall and hang your accessories.

Kitchen Trellis Post 1

That’s all. Another bit of storage and an easy solution to small spaces. I hope you like it!

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