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Dad. He’s there when you need advice, when you need a laugh, and when you need to borrow a fiver that you promise you’ll give back (but never really do). He’s made polite but awkward conversation when you’ve brought Mr Wrong home, and wiped your tears when that Mr. Wrong has broken your heart. He’s the one who taught you to tie your shoes and ride a bike, and never runs the meter on his personal taxi service.

Or he’s the father of your children. The one who never complained about the midnight feeding. The one who’s there to make the kids laugh in a tickle contest or whip up a dinner that you know they’ll eat. He’s your rock and your support and while he may not always get it right, you know he’s actually a pretty perfect Dad.

While Dad may insist he doesn’t want a thing this Father’s Day, why not say “thank you” with one of these brilliant gifts that you just know he would never think to buy himself but we both know he would really really want?  There’s not a tie clip or a pair of cuff links in sight although I couldn’t resist including a very cool handkerchief set with a very cool stag print.

All the sources are on the bottom of the post.

Bike Sprocket Wheel Clock / Personalised Cassette Print / Beard & Moustache Care Kit / Nautical Knot Art / Stag Hanky Set / Hottest Chilli Powders Set / Whale Tail Sculpture / Finial Spice Pots / Italian Leather Tablet Sleeve / James Bond Archives Book / Da Vinci Catapult / Star Trek Enterprise Pizza Cutter

What will you be doing for Dad this Father’s Day?

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