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Fridge Buying Guide

Here are the top 5 things you need to know when it comes to choosing your brand new fridge.


Capacity is measured in litres, and a shopping bag can hold 18l. We stock fridges that can fit between 6 - 17 shopping bags of food.

Size / Type

You can choose from neat, under counter models, or taller, freestanding models if you need more storage space.


Look out for dedicated storage sections for meat, cheeses and veg. This will help keep your favourite foods organised and at their best.

Energy Rating

We sell models rated between A+++ and A for efficiency. Your fridge is always on, so a higher rating will help save money and energy.

Latest Tech

Features like Auto Defrost save you from messy defrosting jobs, whilst innovative new designs provide a quieter, long lasting performance.


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Fridge Capacity Buying Guide


Fridge capacities are measured in litres, and 18 litres is the equivalent of one bag of shopping. For small households, a capacity of around 100 litres should do, giving you enough room to store over 5 bags worth of food. For homes that regularly buy large amounts of fresh groceries, you may want to consider a larger model.


Whether you’re buying for an existing kitchen or planning a total refit you’ll need to consider what type of fridge you need. Under counter models are designed to sit neatly underneath your worktop. Built-in models are also kept out of the way, but are hidden inside a cabinet with a door that matches the rest of your kitchen for a seamless look. For something with a lot more storage, taller upright fridges are ideal but require more space. And with a larder fridge you’ll save energy, as without an ice box they use less energy. This also makes them perfect for homes with an existing separate freezer.
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Fridges Storage Buying Guide


It’s worth thinking about what kind of food you like to buy. If you like a lot of fruits and vegetables then crisper drawers are great for locking in nutrients and keeping things fresh and crunchy. Some models also have a special compartment for keeping meat and fish at the perfect temperature. If you store lots of drinks and condiments then bottle racks and door balconies are great.

Energy Rating

Your fridge is running 24 hours a day, so choosing a really efficient model is very important. Fridge energy ratings range from A+++ through to D. An A+++ rating will help ensure that your fridge isn’t guzzling too much energy. Not only does this save money on bills, it’s much better for the environment. And, a fridge that runs more efficiently will last longer, as it won’t have to work quite as hard. 

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Fridges Energy Rating Buying Guide

Latest Tech

Many of our fridges have an auto defrost feature, so you’ll never need to worry about ice building up. And, the latest cooling systems make sure that cold air is circulated evenly to keep everything at its freshest for as long as possible. You can also find special zones with an adjustable temperature, perfect for meat and fish. We even have water dispensers, giving you fresh, chilled water at the touch of a button.

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