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Breathe easy with an anti-allergy vacuum cleaner

For anyone who suffers from dust allergies, pet allergies or hayfever, anti-allergy vacuum cleaners are a Godsend.

With better dust pick-up than other vacuums, technologically advanced filters and lower emissions, they make sure that all of those nasty allergens are sucked up and kept locked away from your eyes, nose and lungs.

The Miele Allervac is an excellent example of huge advancements in anti-allergy vacuuming technology, keeping homes free from sniffles and soreness with its super cleaning power:

Active HEPA filter

HEPA filter

Featuring a sophisticated Active HEPA filter, once dust enters the vacuum, it doesn’t leave, so the air in your home stays clean and free from anything that might irritate your allergies.

Allergotec sensor

Allergotec Sensor

Most people only vacuum an area of their floors once or twice, thinking that they’ve picked up everything there is, but leaving plenty of dust behind.

To tackle this, the floor head attachment of the Allervac also includes an allergy sensor, with a light that goes from red, to amber, to green once the floor is completely clean.

Suitable for all surfaces, it cleans carpets, laminate and any other hard surfaces with the same precision every time.

Attachments and accessories

Vacuum attachments

To help you give everywhere possible the same amount of allergen removal as your floors, there are plenty of useful attachments, including a crevice nozzle for stair cleaning and an upholstery nozzle specifically for furniture.

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