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AO Hacks: Tips for your freezer

Today’s tip from Maddie is a must for all of the ice cream lovers out there!

If you can’t manage a whole tub in one go, the flavour’s never quite the same the next time you come to take it out of the freezer, and there’s always a layer of frost over the top to rival the polar ice caps. Want to stop this from happening? All you need to do to keep your ice cream fresh is cover it with baking parchment paper, or cut the tub down and pop the lid back on. Simple, but super effective!

Cold drinks quickly

Bottles in wet paper towels

With reports of approaching heatwaves, chances are any guests you’ll be having over the next few months will appreciate a nice cold drink on arrival!

To chill drinks quickly, wrap them up in wet paper towels before putting them in the freezer and they’ll be ice cold in minutes. This also means there’s less chance of your bottles popping or breaking because they’ve been in the freezer for too long, as they won’t be in long enough for this to happen!

Keep your cool

Instant ice water

As the weather gets warmer, running season begins, and everyone starts working on that perfect beach body. Stay cool and hydrated while you’re out and about with instant ice cold water.

Keep a couple of half full bottles of water on their side in the freezer and let them solidify. Then top them up with water from the tap before you head out for some exercise. You can even use them with juice or pop!

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