June 27th 2016 -July 10th 2016
Wimbledon, London, United Kingdom


If any one event sums up the fickle nature of the British weather it’s probably Wimbledon – the most prestigious tennis tournament in the world. The Centre Court retractable roof, installed back in 2009, does save a lot of games from being rained off, but the roof for Court 1 won’t be ready for another three years. Fans will be keen to see if Serbian genius Novak Djokovic and American great Serena Williams can retain their crowns, but getting tickets is only possible through a tricky ballot system or another good old fashioned British tradition – queuing.

Problems Faced

Costs Bad Weather Big Crowds

Where to Watch

BBC Online 27th June 12:00 BBC One 27th June 12:00 BBC One 2nd July 12:00 BBC One 8th July 12:00 BBC One 9th July 12:00 BBC One 10th July 12:00





Food + Drink








The alternative...

Serve up a Wimbledon Party!

You could queue to pay several hundred pounds for what seems like several hundred hours, probably in the rain, to see your favourite player dumped out again at the semis. Alternatively, invite a few friends for ‘servings’ of Pimms and lovely British grub in front of the screen, and cheer on the Brits. For added fun, dress in whites and put on some tennis games for any kids.

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