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Two Weeks in Tech – 26th Jan 2015

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Could HoloLens be the new Google Glass?

Everything you need to know about 4K and UHD

Expert Advice, Connected Life

Lucy Hedges fills us in on 4K and UHD televisions

CES 2015: The best bits

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Lucy Hedges reports back on what caught her eye at CES 2015

What's on the cards in Vegas for CES 2015?

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With magical powers and a little bit of research, we predict the future of tech for 2015

Two Weeks in Tech – 12th Jan 2015

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With CES 2015 taking place last week, it’s safe to say there’s been a lot of tech news!

6 Best Fitness Tech to Boost Your 2015 Health-Kick

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New year, new you! Boost your 2015 health-kick with our pick of gadgets

The Best Christmas Gifts for Tech Lovers 2014

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We’ve gathered up the best gifts you could get for the techie in your life. Because we’re nice like that

6 Things That Caught Our Eye at IFA 2014

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Check out the six things that got us the most excited at IFA 2014

Plasma, LCD or LED: What's the difference?

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There are plenty of TV types out there. But what’s the real difference?

Samsung: The Smart Home

Connected Home, Connected Life

The Samsung Smart Home could change everything

How to Stylishly Integrate a TV

How To, Connected Life

What to do with the dreaded ‘black box’!

TV Technology: What's hot

Expert Advice, Connected Life

What’s the real deal and what should you steer clear of?

AO Life visits IFA 2013

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There were lots of things to see at IFA this year! Take a look at what took our fancy