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6 Things That Caught Our Eye at IFA 2014

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Check out the six things that got us the most excited at IFA 2014

The Best Christmas Gifts for Tech Lovers 2014

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We’ve gathered up the best gifts you could get for the techie in your life. Because we’re nice like that.

Plasma, LCD or LED: What's the difference?

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There are plenty of TV types out there. But what’s the real difference?

How to Stylishly Integrate a TV

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What to do with the dreaded ‘black box’!

TV Technology: What’s hot

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What’s the real deal and what should you steer clear of?

Samsung: The Smart Home

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The Samsung Smart Home could change everything

AO Life visits IFA 2013

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There were lots of things to see at IFA this year! Take a look at what took our fancy