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A guide to: Cordless vacuum cleaners

Just like computers, mobile phones and chocolate bars, vacuum cleaners are getting smaller every year.

Gone are the days where big, bulky machines were the only option. Cordless vacuums are hugely popular in today’s day and age, but what’s causing all of the fuss?

The space age of vacuum cleaning

Bosch Athlet
Bosch Athlet BCH625KTGB (left) and BCH61840GB (right)

We may not have hoverboards and flying cars just yet, but vacuum technology is certainly getting better. Because of this, vacuum cleaner models can be made much smaller in size without affecting their performance. The plastics cordless vacuum cleaners are made from are also much lighter than other materials, but just as strong.

As light as a feather

Dyson DC35MF
Dyson DC35MF

Let’s face it, vacuuming isn’t the most glamorous of household chores, but with a cordless vacuum cleaner, at least it’s a lot less effort.

With many modern vacuum cleaners, improvements in design have made the accessories that accompany them often two-in-one, meaning the same amount of features take up much less space and keep weight down.

The lighter the vacuum, the easier it is to handle. This makes them particularly helpful for the elderly, or people with bigger homes.

Smarter storage


Houses and apartments are smaller today than ever. It only makes sense that most people don’t really want a bulky vacuum cleaner taking up half of their living room.

The compact nature of today’s cordless vacuum cleaners means that they can be stored neatly away under beds and in cupboards. The eye-sore of a vacuum cleaner in the corner of a room is a thing of the past.

Clean as you go

Hoover UNP204B
Hoover UNP204B

There are plenty of places in and around the home that need a quick vacuuming from time to time, and with a cordless vacuum cleaner, the sky’s the limit.

Clean everything from the attic, to the conservatory, to the car without having to use endless reels of extension cords and lugging round heavy electrical equipment. Pick up and put down your vacuum cleaner whenever it’s needed, instead of setting aside a whole day in your calendar just to make sure the living room’s done.

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