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Food mixer or food processor: What’s the difference?

The start of another Great British Bakeoff will have plenty of people itching to get in the kitchen to make some delicious delights of their own.

There’s a whole host of wonderful machines that can make baking a breeze, but knowing the difference between them will separate the Mary Berrys from the week one vote-offs.

Many people assume that food processors and food mixers are the same thing, but they’re in fact very different counter-top beasts. So what are the differences?

What does a food processor do?

Food processors
Bosch MCM62020GB Food Processor
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For those who enjoy whipping up a healthy homemade soup, stew or smoothie, a food processor is a knight in shining armour.

Making home cooked food simple and quick to prepare, food processors produce much more consistent results than if prepared by hand, for a variety of foods. And you can forget about risking your fingers, food processors are ideal for chopping, slicing and grating large amounts of ingredients.

Not just fantastic for chopping up fruit and veg, food processors can also help you make the perfect pasta or scrumptious scones.


Many food processors come with additional attachments for blending, kneading and beating. Some even have tools to slice the perfect French fries! For making a wide variety of everyday cooking tasks so much simpler, a food processor is the perfect investment. And we have plenty of models for you to choose from.

Although great for making lots of delicious meals, if cakes or bread are more your forte, a food mixer might be your better option.

Why not make John Whaite’s fabulous recipe for orange and cranberry sconelets in your own kitchen using a food processor?:


What makes a food mixer so different?

Food mixers
Bosch Styline MUM52120GB Food Mixer
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While food processors often come with tools for kneading and mixing, a food mixer is purpose-built for those very things. Mixing cakes, kneading dough, whisking egg whites or cream are all made easy with a food mixer at the ready.

The generally larger size of food mixers means they’re capable of creating bigger recipes with ease. This is perfect if you often make things in batches to freeze and eat later.

Some food mixers (like the one above) come with accessories for juicing, chopping, blending, grating and slicing, making them very much multi-purpose. But you can’t beat a food mixer when it comes to baking the perfect cake. You can even make delicious desserts like lemon custard tartlets topped with crispy meringue all using your food mixer (and an oven, of course).

Lemon tartlets

Compact models with more basic speed controls are available for those who don’t need to use one regularly. There are also different kinds of mixing actions, with some providing a greater pick-up of ingredients than others.

For future Great British Bake Off contestants, a food mixer is an invaluable kitchen companion. Take a look at our range over on

Head over to AO at Home for a host of mouth-watering dessert recipes to try with your food mixer.

AO at Home desserts
Blueberry cake with lemon curd

Which do you use for your cooking needs, and what do you most like to prepare in it? Let us know in the comments below!

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