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How to Create a Classy Halloween

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As an American expat, it’s been interesting to see how Halloween has moved over the pond and embraced by the UK in the last few years.  When I moved here in 2001, it was barely on the public’s register.  Sure, you might have seen the odd kid’s party and there were years when I had the odd trick or treater but it was rare.  Today, however, I see the British people are finally starting to embrace it’s macabre silliness.  Perhaps they’ve seen how crazy Americans are for their ghoulish holiday and they wanted a bit of that fun for themselves.  Perhaps it appeals to the British dark sense of humour.  Whatever it is, I have a good feeling that it’s not going anywhere for a while.

Halloween Decor 1

But still, after all these years, there’s no one that does Halloween quite like the Americans.  So I figured I’d share some Halloween decorating ideas from the ones that really do it with panache.  Sure, you can pick up some cheap and cheerful plastic skeletons or a witch that hangs on your front door – you may even pick up a few pumpkins to get into the spooky spirit but decorating for Halloween with some class and some finesse requires a little more effort and creativity and hopefully the decor I am sharing today might help you take your decorating efforts to a whole new level.

Halloween Decor 2

I chose these particular decorating ideas because while I know plenty of people really go for the garish black/orange/purple combo, you can get a much more subtle (and spooky) effect if you keep your palette monochrome.  Think black and aged whites to really capture the creepy spirit.

Halloween Decor 3

Don’t forget to mix in mercury (or silvered as it’s sometimes called) glass or simply aged glass (anything old and a bit dusty will do) and lots of layers of old lace or cheesecloth.  Old books, black crows and anything covered in (fake) cobwebs work a treat too.

Halloween Decor 5
Get creative with your table settings.  Fill large bowls with dark red liquid (red or black food dyes work great) and if you can float some “body parts” in it, even better to add to that truly creepy factor.
Halloween Decor 6
Don’t forget of course your pumpkins.  Painted black, they take on a more sinister look.  
Halloween Decor 8
Old jars and bottles with printed labels really add to that authentic look too.  Do a search on Pinterest for free Halloween Printables (or simply click here) if you aren’t confident in your design skills.
Halloween Decor 7
Or, for a slightly different but no less macabre look, try stamping your pumpkins with words of the season.
Halloween Decor 8
Do you feel ready now to take on Halloween with a classy twist?  Are you decorating for Halloween this year and if so, what kinds of things are you doing to make your home spooktacular? 

For more Halloween ideas, see our Halloween Treat Bags, Black Cat Chocolate Cake and our Paper Pumpkin craft! 

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