Coat hangers and hooks are an integral part of our homes. I mean, where else would we hang all those coats, jackets, bags and scarves when we get home after a long day? They do come in many different styles and looks and there’’s something to suit every taste. From rustic to modern and everything in between, there is no excuse not to incorporate this piece into your overall style.

There is, however, something else that coat hooks are good, or in fact great, for: decoration. Because using a beautiful piece and just covering it up with mountains of clothing is, well, –so predictable. Instead, why not use one in different rooms? It doesn’’t have to be confined to the hallway. So, here are some ideas on how to use said clothes hanger to great effect.

Of course, it can be used in a traditional way, for clothing, but think about it more as a display piece and use it for your prettiest scarves, handbags and hats. Don’’t overfill it. The secret to making it look more like a display rather than a standard piece is to be selective and only hang up a few well-chosen pieces.

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How about using it like a picture rail – one that you don’’t actually have to use for pictures alone? Take your favourite images and frames; maybe add a hanging plant, paint brushes or any other related items you can think of. Creativity is key here. Make sure the items are of different sizes and materials and hang them at different lengths. All this will add interest and help to achieve a casual and creative look.

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Not sure where to put all those necklaces, makeup brushes and other beauty items? Why not use a pretty coat rack in your bedroom or dressing room? Hanging lots of costume jewellery up and adding a small mirror is not only very practical (you won’’t have to rummage in some drawer to find that necklace), but also looks great in a boudoir kind of way. Use small bags to store items that can’’t be hung up by themselves and group them together. Add a fun item like a pretty fan to break up the row of necklaces and make everything look playful.

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Another great idea is to use it in the kitchen and hang not the ugliest pots, but the nicest utensils and mugs on it. Mix up the materials like metal and glas, and –again play with various heights for interest. It’’s also a nice idea to mix new pieces with the odd vintage item as this will break up anything too uniform and make the display more interesting.

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Whatever you choose to use your coat hooks for, the main points to remember are: vary the items, sizes, materials and periods. The rest is completely up to you and your personal taste.

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By Carole Poirot on 21.08.14

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