In a recent post I shared a project for fabric clipboards, perfect for your office space or for keeping the family organised. Carrying on with this theme, this week I’’ve made a simple cork pinboard, again, essential for keeping track of your schedule or simply for displaying inspiration and pretty objects. If you keep the colour schemes co-ordinated this would look great hanging amongst some of the fabric clipboards from my earlier post!


here's what you'll need...

  • Cork tiles
  • Pretty wrapping paper
  • A stanley knife
  • Spraymount
  • Ribbon
  • Mini pegs (optional)
  • Spray paint (optional)

DIY Pinboard materials

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here's how it's done...

  • 1

    Measure out what size you want you pinboard to be – mine is roughly A4 – –and then cut to size with your stanley knife.


  • 2

    You can make your pinboard any shape you like. Feel free to get creative, heart shaped, hexagon, even your initial. I kept mine simple and just rounded off the corners. I used the rounded edges of my spraymount can to mark these out before cutting.


  • 3

    Next, make two slits near the top of your board with the stanley knife, this is where your ribbon will feed through for hanging, so make sure it’s wide enough to fit the ribbon through.


  • 4

    Draw around your newly cut-to-size cork board with a pencil onto your wrapping paper so it is exactly the same size and cut out the paper.


  • 5

    Using your spray mount, glue the paper to your cork board. Try and get it as perfectly aligned as you can, but you can always trim afterwards if needs be.


  • 6

    Find the positioning of the 2 slits you already cut in the cork, and use your stanley knife to carefully cut through the paper in the same places. Feed your ribbon through the slits and tie in a bow.


  • 7

    This next stage is an optional extra. Spray paint your mini pegs, and then ideally use a glue gun, although normal craft glue can also work, to glue the pegs to the bottom of your pinboard.


  • 8

    The great thing about this project, is that if you get bored of the paper you’’ve used, or it gets a bit roughed up, you can easily cut a new piece of paper to size and glue it over the top!


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By Caroline Rowland on 04.02.14

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