Green and orange. They aren’t two colours you’d normally put together, are they? And while green, orange and white will be everywhere this St. Patrick’s Day, we wanted to draw your eye to the unusual combination of colour on the Irish flag in celebration and to show you that combining variations of greens and oranges in your interior can give your room a zesty citrus glow that’s sure to please long after the Guinness hangover has passed.

green velvet sofa

Given the gorgeous room in our first image, you really can combine these colours beautifully. The burst of orange from the flowers is the perfect foil to the vivid green sofa and everything is tied together with the exotic rug. But which greens work with which oranges? We’ll break down each of our rooms and a helpful colour palette aside each image will provide the answers.

We’ll start with this elegant dining room with traditional roots and a nod to Chinoiserie but as you’ll see, the orange velvet dining chairs give it a modern edge.  The warmth of emerald is really set off beautifully by the deep mushroom trim.

orange and emerald dining room

Our next space has a more masculine edge than the dining space above. Again, a dark mushroom is used to offset a gallery wall in black and white but the orange sofa and lime green X benches lighten the space and give it a homely, cosy finish.

orange green mushroom living room

The fabulously feminine bedroom below oozes bright, modern sophistication in soft coral and a pale green upholstered bed. The ceiling painted in bright white combined with soft pale carpets and crisp white bedding lighten and brighten the space beautifully and a touch of turquoise keeps the whole thing from feeling too serious.

Velvet lime and coral bedroom

Deep olive green takes center stage our next look creating a warm, cosy reading area, perfect for snuggling up. The deep rust orange seating is a similar tone to the colour on the walls and works beautifully in both the upholstery and artwork. Both colours are again echoed in the lamp and the bookcase.

Olive and orange library

When it comes to colour combinations, our next room is not for the faint of heart! A riot of blissful brights including deep turquoise walls sets off the mint green velvet upholstery of the vintage sofa and orange lampshades. Eclectic and energising, the tones of each colour are kept similar so it’s all rather pleasing to the eye rather than jarring.

bright eclectic living room

There’s a modern vintage feel to the room below with an olive green velvet upholstered daybed and a lacquered rust orange table. It’s an eclectic room with charcoal walls and portraits of every era collected and displayed, but the room is kept comfortable with a loose assortment of objets d’art and a casual seating arrangement. A splash of mustard yellow and a hint of turquoise works well to keep the space energised in this colour combination.


So that’s our roundup using the Irish flag as inspiration for our room decor! While orange and green may not be your immediate choice for gorgeous interior combinations, we can see that when using shades of these colours, you want to stick to similar tones. You’ll notice as well that in most of our rooms, they’ve used an analogous colour scheme (colours that are next to each other on the colour wheel) to keep the look harmonious.

Would you consider using orange and green in your decor?  Any favourites of our images?  Any plans for St. Patrick’s Day?

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By Kimberly Duran on 13.03.13

Guest Contributor

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