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How To: Reverse the door on a fridge or freezer

You might want to swap the door round on your fridge or freezer for a number of reasons. It’s a quick and easy job, and all you’ll need is a screwdriver set and an adjustable spanner.

It’s worth mentioning that all models will be different, so use our tips as a point of reference rather than a definitive guide. You should find everything you need right here, though!

As always, you should first unplug your appliance and remove everything inside, including any shelves or drawers.

Empty your fridge

If your appliance has a top panel, remove it with a screwdriver to expose the hinges.

Remove top of fridge

Remove the screws that hold the hinges in place (put them somewhere safe, you’ll need to replace these later!)

Remove screws from hinges

Lift away the hinge and carefully remove the door.

Remove door from fridge

You may need an extra pair of hands to do this safely, but next you’ll need to carefully tilt the appliance on its back so that you can remove the hinges on the bottom the same way you did the ones on the top. You may have to unscrew any feet that are in the way.

Lie fridge on its back

Attach the top and bottom hinges to the allocated spaces on the opposite side of the appliance and reattach the feet.

Switch hinges over

Put the appliance back in the upright position and line up the door with the hinges, so that it rests on them securely.

Replace fridge door

Check that the door opens and closes, then screw the lid back into place.

Fridge door finished

Voila! You’ve successfully reversed the door on your fridge or (freezer!).

If you’d prefer to hear our Grant do the explaining with those soothing tones of his, take a look at our video guide:

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