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Customer Reviews - Candy CDB754DN/1 Washer Dryer White

Was £418
SAVE £19
  • Tech adjusts settings for thorough and gentle drying
  • Adjusts water and energy to save money
  • Add an extra wash to eliminate tough stains
  • 7kg wash, 5kg dry - ideal for larger families
  • Rated A for energy efficiency

Summary based on 12 reviews

3.8 / 5

75% Would recommend this product to a friend

  • 3.8/5 Build Quality

  • 3.7/5 Drying Ability

  • 3.7/5 Ease of Use

  • 4.0/5 Features

  • 3.7/5 Quietness

  • 4.2/5 Washing Ability

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"You cannot open & close door during drying cycle & it takes forever so not great :( "

- 05 February 2016
  • Complicated


Female / Single

Over 65 / Andover

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6 people found this review useful

"Someone said to me don't buy a washer dryer. But I did and I regret it. At just over a year, the drum cracked , the pump died and now the electrics dont work. The wash quality.....non existent, i could do better with a hose pipe at 60feet and dont even bother drying, unless you like to spend aeons with the iron, no matter what setting you put it on. I only do 2 washes in it per week ,so its hardly been used to death. Of course, my guarantee or warranty is now no longer valid after a year. So im buying a new one and it definately wont be a Candy"

- 17 December 2015
  • Poor quality


Female / Single

45 to 54 / oxfordshire

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Terrible machine

9 people found this review useful

"Awful awful! Noisy, jumps about, difficult to programme. Difficult to alter times and temperature. As for the dryer!!! Just took clothes out a wet as they went in, hot and steamy but still wet! I have had it 2 weeks but I am selling it straight away, what a waste of money! "

- 02 December 2015
  • Complicated
  • Noisy
  • Poor quality


Female / Large Family

35 to 44 / Cornwall

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Loved it!

13 people found this review useful

"Bought this as am used to a 9kg washer being a family with 2 small toddlers and needing to wash twice a day. Was worried I would notice huge difference in washer size but this is brilliant, has fitted my biggest load in with ease and washed it all brilliantly. Dries well too and can easily put on for time you need eg - 30 mins. Lots of good wash cycles and supposedly weighs washing and adjusts time accordingly which it does seem to do - when it's a smaller load wash time is greatly reduced. I love the fact you can see how long the wash will take. It only falls down on the sound as is quite noisy when spinning. Am used to putting washing on as children go to bed but have to wait until I know they are asleep now as washer would keep them awake!"

- 04 October 2015
  • Ease to use
  • Good build quality
  • Value for money
  • Noisy


Female / Small Family

25 to 34 / Norfolk

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Good Choice

26 people found this review useful

"I am really pleased with this washing machine. The only negative is not being able to do a 90 degree wash without the prewash. Love being able to choose the temperature and spin speed on most programmes."

- 15 July 2015


Female / Couple

Under 18

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Excellent washer dryer

26 people found this review useful

"As washer dryers go, this one is very good. I love the quick wash feature especially, although there are lots of other washes and speciality washes, some of them do take a while! It has a big drum which is good for families. Although it takes longer to dry clothes than a dryer on its own, this one is very good and calculates by weight and temp exactly how much time is needed so you don't need to guess. For a load it normally takes about 2 hours. Very quiet and easy to use. Has a digital display. Good value for money."

- 22 June 2015


Female / Large Family

25 to 34 / Birmingham

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Well it works

18 people found this review useful

"Great machine for the money, washes my reggies and uncle Bob's socks to perfection. Skids and stains just vanish so what more could you want."

- 20 May 2015


Male / Large Family

35 to 44 / Ampthill

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Brilliant washer dryer

22 people found this review useful

"Superb appliance although the instructions are rather hard going! Love the fact you can alter any program to suit the wash load, there is even a quick 14 min load which is useful."

- 30 April 2015


Male / Couple

45 to 54 / Cheshire

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