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Dyson Cinetic Big Ball CY22 Animal Bagless Cylinder Vacuum Cleaner

save £150 was £449 *
Product data sheet

Product Specification

Key Information

Dimensions (H)34.7 x (W)30.8 x (D)39.9
Bagged / Bagless Bagless
Bagless Yes
Carpet Cleaning Performance Class A
Cord Length 6.6 m
Crevice Tool Yes
Dust Capacity 1.6 Litres
Dust Emission Class A
Dusting Brush Yes
Energy Rating E
Floor Type Carpet / Hard Floor
Hard Floor Cleaning Performance Class A
Hose Length 9.7 m
Manufacturer Warranty
AO Aftercare available More info
5 Year
Noise Level 82 dB
Power 1200 Watt
Upholstery Tool No
Weight 7.73 Kg

Features We Love

Self Righting Yes

How Well Does It Perform?

Annual Energy Cost Based On 15.40p/Unit £8.01
Average Annual Energy Consumption 52 Kwh

Product Detail

Brand Dyson
Category Cylinder Vacuum Cleaners
Colour Grey
Dimensions (H)34.7 x (W)30.8 x (D)39.9
SKU CY22 Animal_IR
Winter Deals Yes

Reasons To Buy

Lightweight No

What Does It Come With

Turbo Tool No

Dyson Cinetic Big Ball CY22 Animal Bagless Cylinder Vacuum Cleaner

was £449 * save £150
Out of stock
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Key Features

  • Bagless cleaning - easy to empty and no bags to buy
  • 1200 Watt power output
  • Gives great results on both hard floors and carpets
  • Clever design means vacuum will never topple over
  • Comes with a handy tool for corners and crevices

Product Overview

This bagless Dyson cylinder vacuum cleaner is easy to empty and economical too, because you’ll never need to buy replacement dust bags. With 1200 Watts of power, it makes any task seem effortless and delivers great results on both hard floors and carpets. Its self-righting design means your vacuum will never fall over. This is because its heaviest parts are at the bottom of the spherical body, so it’ll always stand back up if it is ever accidently toppled over. It also has a handy crevice tool for cleaning corners and hard-to-reach places.

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Customer Reviews

4.6 / 5 13 Reviews
100% would recommend to a friend
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Product Tester.

A customer who has been given a product to use and keep in exchange for an honest review.

Dyson Cinetic Big Ball CY22 Review

I was very excited to receive my deliver of this vacuum cleaner having heard amazing stories about Dyson products. I have always struggled with vacuum cleaners, they have been too heavy, to big, or too light that they have barely had enough power to lift a spec of dust. Then there has always been the trouble of running out of bags, or as with my last hoover it had a re-usable bag but i always ended up looking like the ghost from Christmas past .........grey!!!!! So the first thing that impressed me was the size of this product, very small and compact but accompanied by the thought of 'how on earth will this have enough power?' So out of the box it came and i couldn't believe how easy it was to assemble. The attachments just click on and off and the joins feel sturdy. Inspecting all the buttons i soon found that that the pole extends for hard to reach places and also you can remove the pole totally so that attachments can fit directly onto the hose making cleaning the car and hoovering the stairs a breeze. At the top of the pole you have a little trigger, I thought this was great as the suction was so strong that i could hardly move the device forwards and backwards, but just pulling this trigger allowed me to move freely whilst still collecting all the dust! There are two major things that hoovers have always disappointed me with;- 1) getting close to walls 2) picking up my hair. So armed with my new hoover i headed straight to the landing. For some unknown reason this is where my hair seems to collect, it also has lots of awkward nooks. I changed the head to a smaller one and went round the edges.....wow this was fantastic and now means i can get rid of my hard brush! Then i changed the head again and tackled my dreaded hair at the top of the stairs! With a few sweeps of the hoover it was gone, as if it had never been there. I am totally in love with my Dyson now!

Pros: brilliant suction, cleans up hair quickly, easy to attach, easy to empty, gets round edges Cons: loud

Video review

Product Tester.

A customer who has been given a product to use and keep in exchange for an honest review.

Super Suction Super Product

Wow! This vacuum really does have a super suction! With no need to wash or replace filters, there should be no need for this suction reduce and Dyson say it won't either! The vacuum comes with 5 attachments (perfect for any type of surface) as well as a converter for your previous dyson attachments, if like me, you've been impressed with / and bought previous models before. The handle (wand) also has a trigger to pull to reduce the suction for more delicate things such as curtains or mats, so no need to spend wasted time unravelling them, a great feature. The main unit also benefits from never falling victim to flipping over as if it does, it rectifies itself instantly meaning you can continue with vacuuming. I feel the vacuum is a little noisy (although my wife disagrees) but personally it doesn't bother me as I would rather have a louder vacuum cleaner than comprise on suction power. It also struggles with stairs as unlike uprights, this unit is too wide to balance on the individual steps. The unit does take up a lot of space due to the long pipe (which could be seen as a benefit too for ability to reach high up) but is something to consider when storing. Overall, this vacuum really does a fantastic job, is great to use with a great selection of attachments for every occasion, don't hesitate, get this vacuum!

Pros: Doesn't flip over, Easy to empty, Fab suction, Great Attachments, smooth and easy to manoeuvre Cons: Noisy, Struggle balancing on stairs, takes up lot of storage space

Video review

Product Tester.

A customer who has been given a product to use and keep in exchange for an honest review.

Perfect For Homes With Pets

I was so pleased to have won the Dyson Cinetic Big Ball Animal cylinder vacuum. I’ve never owned a Dyson product before, but always heard good things so receiving this was great. Why I was just so pleased is because I own a Saint Bernard dog, and he is rather furry and molts - a lot. My previous standard vacuum just was not powerful enough, and wasn’t keeping up with the amount of fur which we need to vacuum on a regular basis, The Dyson Cinetic Big Ball Animal has solved all these problems. It is, as all Dysons incredibly powerful and picks up all stray fur, dust and everything else with ease. The huge range of attachments that come with the product means we can use it on every surface in the house, from the laminate in the kitchen, to the wood flooring and rugs in the lounge, the tiles in the hallway and the small attachments make vacuuming the stairs a doddle, even those little corners! Even though it isn’t an upright, which is what I was used to, so did have some reservations - the long attachment means it is as easy to use on large rugs and floors as an upright - if not easier as it is surprisingly light and maneuverable. The vacuum is super easy to move around when using as it is quick, light and reactive - and doesn’t take up too much room in storage. The power cable auto retracts at the touch of a button, which is a great little feature in keeping it tidy; no tangled cables - hurray! The best part of this vacuum however, for me, is the additional “groom tool” which can be purchased extra. This is a tool with retractable combs, which attaches to the end of the pipe. It works like a dream to groom the dog, and even works to de-shed him (which is no easy task) and because it's on the end of the vacuum pipe, the masses of fur just disappear into the cylinder. While admittedly quite costly in comparison to some standard vacuums, it really is worth every penny - the amount of time saved, and if current performance is anything to go by money which will be saved not having to replace vacuums every few years is definitely worth the initial outlay. For any long haired dog owners too, I would definitely recommend purchasing the groom additionally, as it saves so much time and all that fur is gone! All in all, I would say that this is a great vacuum for any household with pets - it keeps my home easily and effectively fur, dust and allergen free!

Pros: Easy To Use, High Power Suction, Perfect For Pets, Range Of Attachments

Video review

Product Tester.

A customer who has been given a product to use and keep in exchange for an honest review.

A lighter alternative to an upright Dyson

I've never used a cylinder vacuum before, so was curious to see what the difference would be. I previously had the Dyson Animal upright, which I have always loved. However, it's quite heavy, and I found that I was constantly changing attachments to get underneath furniture. This cylinder version was easy to put together, and comes with two different floor attachments, for different types of cleaning. The standard brush head attachment dusts and vacuums either carpet or hard floors, then the musclehead attachment gives you more power. It also comes with a stair tool, a precision tool with a brush, and a small head for upholstery. You'll soon find which ones suit your home the best. It's had a couple of goes round the house already, and I have to say I'm very impressed.

Pros: Can see when it needs emptying, Cord zips back into the base, Easy to move around, Great on pet hair, Great suction Cons: Does not come with the 'duster' tool, Not as neat to store as an upright, Not quite as powerful as the upright

Video review

Product Tester.

A customer who has been given a product to use and keep in exchange for an honest review.

Great if you have pets!

First off this is a good looking vacuum cleaner! Which isn't something you'd normally think about, but it has a nice futuristic design that suits any modern home, compared to other designs that can look a bit dated. This appliance definitely has the 'high end' look! In terms of noise level, it is louder than some vacuums I've had before and there are definitely quieter vacuum cleaners out there, but they usually come at the cost of lower suction power, so it all depends on your requirements. At over 7kg, I'd definitely not like to carry this vacuum cleaner around all day, but luckily the hose & cord is long enough that you'll rarely have to reposition it. It also has the really cool feature of being self righting, which means you don't have to keep picking it up if it topples over! The fact that this vacuum has no filters to wash or bags to replace is very appealing to me because it means there's little to maintenance required. Which definitely saves cash in the long run. Because of the range of movement you can get out of the articulated handle, vacuuming is easier, quicker and more comfortable. The Suction release trigger located on the handle is another really useful addition, which again just makes life easier. With two dogs, I needed a vacuum that could pick up as much pet hair as possible, because they shed quite a lot. Luckily this vacuum didn't dissapoint, and is actually the best one I've used for pet hair to date. This isn't just because of its suction power, but also because of some of the included accessories such as the carbon fibre head & the twin turbine tool, which I find both pick up dog hair with ease compared to the other accessories. I found that the carbon fibre head can be quite difficult to push along hard surface floors compared to carpets even though it's supposed to be ideal for all floor types, which was quite dissapointing. On carpet, the carbon fibre head wins hands down when compared to the contact head, simply because it picks up more & gives a deeper clean. I found the contact head only picked up small bits of debris, where as the carbon fibre head was capable to picking up all small & medium bits of debris as well as some larger bits also. The contact head tended to just push the medium and large bits of debris along into a pile instead of picking it up. When the bin's full, disposal is easy and hygienic because the release button is located on the top and the lid is located on the bottom. Which means you shouldn't have to touch any of the contents at any time. Overall this is a great vacuum that has a bunch of additional features that are really useful and convenient. I don't think I'd find myself using some of the accessories such as the combo crevice & dusting tool and the adapter for older dyson tools, but it's great that these are included as everyone's house or circumstances are different. I'd definitely recommend this vacuum to anyone looking for a new 'higher end' vacuum cleaner that goes beyond the basics.

Pros: great for pet hair, lots of accessories, nice design, no maintenance, self righting Cons: harder to use on hard floors, heavy, quite noisy, sometimes TOO powerful

Video review

Product Tester.

A customer who has been given a product to use and keep in exchange for an honest review.

Dyson CY22 Animal Cylinder Vacuum Cleaner

When my Dyson CY22 Animal Cylinder Vacuum Cleaner first arrived, I was over whelmed by the amount of adapters that could be used and thought it was going to be over complicated. However it became very apparent when tested which adapter was suitable for my floor types and the additional parts clipped on and off with ease. The suction from the vacuum cleaner was better than any other I've had, especially when it came to picking up crumbs and strands of hair off the carpet! I initially thought the weight of the ball itself was slightly on the heavy side, but this is likely down to the 'picking itself back up' feature - which is great. My favourite feature is that the end of the Hoover glides nicely under sofas and the hard to reach areas. This is a huge benefit as it can be difficult to move some household objects to Hoover underneath. Overall I was extremely impressed and would highly recommend this to someone looking for a convenient and 'high end' product!

Pros: Compact, Glides under furniture, Looks great, No cleaning or changing of filters, Picks itself back up Cons: Fairly loud

Video review

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Delivery from Thu 19th Jan Delivery from Thu 19th January From Thu 19th January From Thu 19th January
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Finance From £8.82 a month (APR 19.9%)
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