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Tumble Dryer Buying Guide

Here are the top 5 things you need to know when it comes to choosing your brand new tumble dryer.

Condenser or Vented?

There are two types of tumble dryer, a vented dryer sends the moist air outside via a hose. A condenser model stores the water in a removable tank.


Bigger drums give your clothes more room to tumble for really thorough drying. Drum capacities range from 3kg - 10kg.

Clever Sensor Drying

Tumble dryers with sensors work out the ideal drying time for clothes so you don't have to. They’re more efficient and prevent over-drying.


Spend less time on your laundry with a function designed to minimise creases and reduce the need for ironing.

Energy Rating

Tumble dryer energy ratings range from A+++ to D. The higher the energy rating, the more money you’ll save per cycle. 

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Tumble Dryers Vented Models

Condenser or Vented?

There are two types of tumble dryer, including condenser and vented models. Condensers work by separating moisture from the air and storing it in a water container. You’ll need to empty this container after each cycle. Vented models come with a large hose that’s designed to transfer the moist air outside. This saves you having to empty a container, but may require some installation if you wish to vent through a wall.

Think about where you're going to put your new tumble dryer before you buy. Keep in mind that it may not heat up as it should if it has to withstand cold temperatures in a garage or other outdoor space. The product manual will tell you the recommended operating temperatures, so it's worth a quick read.

Drying Capacity

Drum capacity is measured in kilograms, with 1kg being equivalent to 1 full outfit. The bigger the drum capacity the better because the extra space gives clothes more room to dry properly and helps to prevent creases, cutting down on ironing time. If you want to dry large amounts of clothes, take a look at models above 9kg. You'll have plenty of room for the week's washing, or bulkier items like towels and bedding. Or, if you want something even bigger, drums that are 10kg or above will dry more in one go, meaning fewer drying loads per week.

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Tumble Dryers Capacity
Tumble Dryers Sensor Technology

Sensor Drying

Take the guesswork out of drying with a model that uses clever sensors. These work by automatically assessing the weight and moisture levels in your clothes. The machine can then figure out exactly how long the cycle needs to last, saving you energy and money. And, because it knows when to stop, it prevents your clothes getting damaged from over-drying. 

Reduce Creases

Cut down on your ironing time with a handy anti-crease setting. Sometimes known as reverse action, this feature minimises creases in your work shirts by spinning the drum in different directions. If you’re out when the cycle is finished, some anti-crease settings will gently spin your clothes a couple of times an hour to prevent tangling. 

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Reduce Creases
Dishwashers Energy Rating Buying Guide

Energy Rating

A tumble dryer's energy efficiency is rated on a scale that ranges from an ultra efficient A+++ through to D. Tumble dryers used to be inefficient and expensive. There was a time when it was hard to find a model with an energy rating better than C, which would cost around £110 per year to run. Around a third of our range is rated an amazing A+ which can cost as little as £50 per year to run. We also have a wide range of A++ rated models that you can run for £35 per year – costing less than £3 a month.

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