Mothering Sunday is just around the corner and yes, it’s time to buy some flowers and think about how to spoil mum a little on this day. Not that I’m saying mums don’t deserve to be spoilt on other days of the year, too, but if it needs to be pinpointed to one day, then this is the one. Whilst cooking anything with small (and sometimes not-so small) children can be challenging at best and hazardous and worst, making breakfast together on this day is a lovely gesture and one that will make any mum smile – provided you don’t leave the kitchen in a complete mess for her to tidy up afterwards! So, to this end, a simple but tasty treat is in order. One that can be made with children and that doesn’t require all the pots and pans in the kitchen to be used. Waffles always are something of a special treat (I personally don’t know anybody who eats them as a staple) and this combination with French toast even easier to make than “normal” ones. Perfect for cooking with children.


Here's What You'll Need...

  • 6 thick slices of bread
  • 2 large eggs
  • 120ml milk
  • 1tsp vanilla extract
  • 2tbsp caster sugar
  • 2tsp ground cinnamon
  • mixed berries
  • maple syrup

French Toast Waffles Ingredients

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French Toast Waffles Post 1

French Toast Waffles Post 3

Here's How It's Done...

  • 1

    Preheat your waffle maker. Whisk the eggs and then add the milk and mix all together.

    French Toast Waffles Step 1


  • 2

    Mix the sugar and ground cinnamon.

    French Toast Waffles Step 2

  • 3

    Whisk the cinnamon sugar into the egg/milk mix.

    French Toast Waffles Step 3

  • 4

    Whisk the cinnamon sugar into the egg/milk mix. Pour the mix into a shallow dish. Dip the bread into the mix on each side – do not let it soak or it will fall apart.

    French Toast Waffles Step 4

  • 5

    Place the bread onto the waffle maker and bake for 5 minutes. You can keep the waffles warm in the oven whilst baking the remaining ones.

    French Toast Waffles Step 5

  • 6

    Once they’re all done, pile them on a plate, top with berries and maple syrup and even decorate with some edible flowers.

    Present to mum with coffee and fresh flowers…

    French Toast Waffles Post 7

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By Carole Poirot on 18.08.20

Guest Contributor

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