I’’m sure there are some people who find moving house exciting. A new start, a new home, a blank canvas for decorating! Yes, that’’s all part of it, but before all of that, you actually have to move, and I am firmly in the camp that would die happy if they never had to move again. “Research”, of the type that seems designed to provide filler for newspapers, has found that moving house is more stressful than divorce. I don’’t doubt it. There is going to be malarkey of some kind or other however you approach it, but the best way to ease the stress and make the whole shebang as smooth as possible is to get organised.

So with that in mind, we’ve created some handy checklists to allow you to make your move as easy as possible and they are all printable! Go to the bottom of the posts for the links to print.


Want to print them? You can here (each opens in a new window):

1 Month to 6 Weeks Before / 1 Week to 2 Weeks Before / On the Day

Will you be moving home soon? If so, let us know if these were helpful and GOOD LUCK!!






By Amy Marsden on 05.11.14

Guest Contributor

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