It’s Mother’s Day. Give thanks to your mum or grandma, with this easy to make decoration. You could also do this with the letters of a friend’s name or initials too.


Here's What You'll Need...

  • Cardboard letters
  • Cardboard heart
  • Dried flowers or seed heads
  • Acrylic paint
  • A glue gun or strong glue.


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Here's how it's done...

  • 1

    Paint the letters and heart on the front, back and sides. Acrylic paint dries quickly and is ideal for this project. Young children may need an apron for this though, as it’s difficult to remove the paint from clothes.

  • 2

    Attach the dried flowers or seed pods to the front of the heart, using a glue gun or strong glue. The glue is hot, so adults should do this part. I let Minnie carefully add the seeds to the glue after I applied it. I let the glue cool just a little first.

  • 3

    Stick the letters and heart together using the glue gun again. This can be done in a line, or a square format. Go for whichever you fancy. We think they both look good, but Minnie chose the square, with the heart in the bottom corner, tilted to the side a little.

  • 4

    We also decided to place a few more seed pods on the letters to add a little more detail.

    Minnie picked a ‘flower’ for me, and wanted to add it as a decoration. We tied it around one of the letters to hold it in place. This gave us the idea the you could include anything, a photo or replaceable flower, just by sticking, or tying, them on. Due to the hot glue gun, this project will require an adults help, just make sure it isn’t your mum! I’ll have to pretend I haven’t seen mine already!



By Claire Dearing on 17.03.17

Guest Contributor

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