So, you have all the presents. You’ve found the perfect pair of socks for your funny uncle, your mum’s favourite perfume, that book for dad, the rare vinyls for the husband, and a whole wardrobe full of toys for the kids. Phew, time to breathe. And then you remember that it all needs wrapping! So, there’s no other way: it’s time to pour yourself a cup of tea (or possibly a whole pot) and get to work.

First things first. Every year I like to decide on a theme for my wrapping and coordinate all presents. It might sound a little over the top, but I like how they look under the tree. I also like to make each present special by adding little touches that in turn, might make the recipient even happier to receive their gift.

I make my decisions based on colours, textures or simply on a mood. So, following from that, the themes I’ve chosen for this year include a little of everything and tie in nicely with some of the 2013 Christmas Trends Kimberly identified, if you’re interested in the whole look, including the tree and decorations. I hope they inspire you to create your own unique look if you haven’t yet decided what that look will be!

The themes are:

Classic Black & White

Scandi Folk

All That Glitters

All Natural

“I don’t like Christmas!” (because we all know at least one person like that)

The wrapping papers, ribbons and decorations I’ve used are from Paperchase, John Lewis, Ikea and Sainsbury’s. Not all of them are ‘this year’s collection’, but this is designed to give you ideas, and there are an awful lot of choices out there to fit every theme.


Classic Black & White

Xmas Gift Wrapping Post 1

There really is nothing that says understated chic like the combination of black and white. From plain papers to beautiful patterns, as long as they’re all kept in these two colours, the effect will be striking.

Xmas Gift Wrapping Post 2

Add some lace or feathers for a bit of a boudoir feel.

Xmas Gift Wrapping Post 4

For a very classic look, use wide satin ribbons and tie them into a simple bow.

Xmas Gift Wrapping Post 5

A beautiful black and white photo added to the understated wrapping makes the gift more personal. These presents will look fantastic under a monochrome tree and against white walls.

Xmas Gift Wrapping Post 6


Scandi Folk

Xmas Gift Wrapping Post 14

Think of classic winter patterns, reindeer, folk art, reds and whites.

Xmas Gift Wrapping Post 15

Think about Scandinavian homes, the natural elements and the pared back and friendly decor.

Xmas Gift Wrapping Post 16

If you’re going for a Nordic Christmas scheme, this look works perfectly.

Xmas Gift Wrapping Post 17

Grosgrain ribbon is perfect and some red raffia adds the understated touch. The patterns are folksy and pretty, and very suitable if children are some of the lucky recipients. Decorations made from straw add great finishing touches.

Xmas Gift Wrapping Post 18


All That Glitters

Xmas Gift Wrapping Post 7

Yes, silver and gold. A little bit glamorous, a little bit over the top and definitely one for grown ups.

Xmas Gift Wrapping Post 11Even plain silver or gold paper will instantly look super-expensive when adding some glittery ribbon. Go a step further and layer several ribbons in different fabrics.

Xmas Gift Wrapping Post 12

If you really want to impress, get some fashion jewellery and add a bit of sparkle to the presents. It doesn’t (obviously) have to be expensive, but it will really add the wow factor and ties in beautifully with a vintage luxe feel.

Xmas Gift Wrapping Post 8


All Natural

Xmas Gift Wrapping Post 24

Does exactly what it says. Brown parcel paper and simple parcel string are the obvious staples for this one.

Xmas Gift Wrapping Post 26

The very natural look works best with a real tree, accessories should be kept as natural as possible and the overall traditional look or woodland theme are fitting options for decor.

Xmas Gift Wrapping Post 22

Cinnamon sticks and dried orange slices work perfectly and have the added bonus of giving off a lovely scent.

Xmas Gift Wrapping Post 25

Miniature Christmas crackers are a nice way to decorate the presents and so are ornaments made from natural materials like clay.

Xmas Gift Wrapping Post 21

If you can find some old sheet music in second hand shops, then think about using those to add a vintage touch to the natural look.

Xmas Gift Wrapping Post 20


“I don’t like Christmas!”

Xmas Gift Wrapping Post 27

Yes, we probably all know someone who doesn’t. The ones that give a slight roll of the eyes ready every time Christmas is even mentioned. While we’ll probably never be able to ‘turn’ them, we can still attempt to make it a joyous occasion for them.

Xmas Gift Wrapping Post 31

The obvious choice is to avoid any direct references to Christmas but still sneaking in some friendly little touches.

Xmas Gift Wrapping Post 30

Colours which are coordinated but not too bright work well and small touches like cotton ribbons, twigs and decorative berries add just enough festive spirit without making your ‘bah humbug’ friend run screaming out of the room.

Xmas Gift Wrapping Post 28

So, I hope these will help to inspire you and give you some ideas!  Now I’m just curious to know: which one would be your favourite?


By Carole Poirot on 17.12.13

Guest Contributor

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