Let your imagination flow with this project. Design your own t-shirt that’s as individual as you are. You’ll be the envy of all your friends. In fact why not make a few and give one to your friends, you’ll be a little fashion designer in the making.


here's what you'll need...

  • Plain white cotton t-shirt
  • Permanent marker pens (in various colours)
  • Rubbing alcohol/white spirit with a pipette nozzle (you may need to buy each of these separately)

Graffi-tees materials edited



The design may fade a little over time, so use a cool hand wash setting to help it last longer.

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here's how it's done...

  • 1

    Insert the card between the front and back of the t-shirt to protect the back from the ink. Ensure you are working in a ventilated space. Then loosely sketch out an image or pattern with the marker pens. Draw, scribble, dot, colour in, spiral it, make wavy patterns, anything you like, using as many colours as you like. We etched lines covering the basic shape that we wanted.


  • 2

    An adult should help here, just to ensure safety. Using a pipette, drip rubbing alcohol/white spirit onto the design. This will make the colour bleed and create interesting patterns on the t-shirt. The amount of rubbing alcohol you use will depend on how far you want the colour to bleed.


  • 3

    Leave to dry. Once dried you can either repeat the process with more colour etc or add details to your image, using the marker pens again.


  • 4

    Oh, and don’t forget to sign your masterpiece! Let the t-shirt air dry and then iron it, you may need to ask an adult to help here too. This helps to set the colour, meaning it can be washed.


  • 5

    Felix wanted to make a robot figure, and we decided on a fluffy rabbit for Minnie.


    You can create any image or pattern with this method. It’s quick, creative, experimental and individual. What would you design?

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By Claire Dearing on 31.07.15

Guest Contributor

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