These fairy gardens are not only great fun to make, they also look really pretty. It’s a great way for kids to be creative too, Cherry (5) and Tiger (3) had the best time decorating them. We used fake flowers as we didn’t have time to grow real ones but you could just as easily plant some real ones.


here's what you'll need...

  • A large plant pot
  • Mud / Soil
  • Stones
  • Fake flowers
  • Things to decorate – painted stones / painted wood / sea glass / sand


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here's how it's done...

  • 1

    Shovel some mud into your post, leaving about a 3 inch gap at the top.


  • 2

    Pour some stones on top.


  • 3

    Rearrange the stones.


  • 4

    Start making it look pretty. We used fake flowers but as I mentioned above it’s obviously a great opportunity to plant some seeds and learn how to grow real ones.


  • 5

    Decorate with anything you have, Cherry and Tiger wanted to add some sea glass, painted wood for a bench, some sand for a beach and painted rocks. They come up with all their own ideas so I got to sit back and relax while they got to work.


    It’s a great activity for summer so if you are stuck for ideas on how to keep your kids entertained for the rest of the holidays then why not give it a go?


By Jessica Amey on 12.08.16

Guest Contributor

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