It’’s lovely to have handmade cushions in your home, they’re super easy to make and give your home a personal touch. But why not take it one step further and create your own fabric too? Simply use some fabric paint and either a stencil or freehand to create a unique design.


here's what you'll need...

  • Plain fabric
  • Stencil (optional) – mine is by Stencilit who do a great range of modern designs
  • Fabric paints
  • Make up sponges
  • Basic sewing kit (scissors, pins, thread)
  • Sewing machine


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here's how it's done...

  • 1

    Firstly make a paper template to the correct measurements for your cushion pad. My cushion was 40cm x 40cm, so I made a paper template of 42cm x 42cm for the front and the back piece was 42cm x 28cm.

    Pin the front template to your fabric and cut out one piece, then pin the back template to your fabric and cut out two pieces of this size.

    Decide on the colour of paint you wish to use. I mixed bright pink with white for a pastel shade of pink. I didn’’t mix it fully as this creates an interesting effect where the colour varies slightly.


  • 2

    Position your stencil (if you’re using one) and using your make up sponge, dab the paint onto the fabric. Leave the paint to dry, and then follow the instructions on the paint pot to fix the colour (usually you need to cover with a cloth and iron over it).


  • 3

    Take your two back panels, and stitch a hem along the edges where they will overlap on the opening.


  • 4

    Then place your front piece and back pieces, right sides together, pin, tack and then stitch on your machine around the edge, leaving approx 1cm seam allowance.


  • 5

    Snip the four corners, then turn the cushion cover the right way out. If you’’ve used a stencil, you could make various cushion covers with this, perhaps changing the colour of the fabric or the paint. So many possibilities!


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By Caroline Rowland on 13.07.15

Guest Contributor

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  1. user9101e says:

    Would never have thought to use fabric paint. So many uses. Must buy and try.

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