It’’s nice to have a welcoming wreath on your front door at Christmas, whether you live in a grand house or a compact flat, it’’s a cheering sight when you come home.

However if, like me, you’’re poor at crafts, making a wreath is probably more bother than it’’s worth. It can be disheartening to enthusiastically take on a DIY project and find that you really can’’t do it yourself. It’’s even worse to visit the garden centre or florist’s and discover how expensive a professionally made wreath is.

So I’ve got a compromise – a festive front door decoration that costs little to nothing and can be cobbled together in ten minutes by even the clumsiest hand.

Now, I used the bay that grows prolifically in my garden, but anything evergreen will work and I always have a few baubles that don’’t make it on to the tree because they’ve lost their hangers – these are ideal. Tinsel and curling ribbon are also great for adding sparkle. Really, anything that’s cheery can be added to this simple project.

I found all these items in my box of Christmas decorations, so this project cost me absolutely nothing, but you can get cheap ribbon and baubles in supermarkets, on ebay etc. so even if you have to start from scratch this should only cost you a couple of quid.


here's what you'll need...

  • Bay or anything evergreen
  • Ribbon (Reds and golds are classic, but use whatever colours you like. The wide stuff that has the wires is great as you can shape it.)
  • Baubles, bells, bows
  • String, twine or florist’s wire

Wreath materials

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here's how it's done...

  • 1

    Start by bunching your greenery together and tie it at the top with the string or florist’s wire. Leave a length of string or wire at each end of the knot to make a loop with later.


  • 2

    Now tie or wire on your sparkly bits. I tried this rustic ornament, which looks pretty.


  • 3

    And also a bunch of unused baubles that didn’’t make it to the tree.




  • 4

    When you’’ve decided on which elements you’’re going to use, make a big bow from the wide ribbon and attach it to the top of your bunch of greenery (make sure it covers as much of the cut stems as possible).


  • 5

    Trim the branches if they’’re uneven at the ends, and then simply hang it on the door!


    I added a little curling ribbon for extra colour and sparkle, and really, anything goes. Tinsel, lametta, glitter if you want to go glam. Or raffia and pine cones for a more rustic look. Try different combinations and have fun!

    Merry Christmas!


By Alex Outhwaite on 17.12.14

Guest Contributor

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