Okay, so we all know that the British summer can be a tad unpredictable, and sunny days are definitely not guaranteed.

So if it’s not quite shorts and sunglasses weather, here’s a perfect activity to keep the little ones entertained, and to help them learn a little about the fantastic nature you can find on the beach.


Both Felix and Minnie love exploring so I put together a special summer treasure hunt for our trip to the coast. We packed a picnic, crossed our fingers for no rain, and set off on our adventure.

The beach is a perfect place to find lots of hidden treasures. There are many different types of shells in all kinds of colours, rounded pebbles and smooth driftwood shaped by the sea, snappy crabs, slimy seaweed and all types of washed up shiny things. You might even find some lost pirate treasure.

What you’ll need…

A print out of the treasure hunt.

A pen or pencil.

A bucket and spade for collecting your treasure and making the occasional sandcastle.

A picnic (optional)

Our summer treasure hunt can be a fun activity for one or more children. The kids can share a sheet, like my little two did, or they can have one each and have a competition around finding the treasures.

There are a variety of items to spot and collect on the printable sheet. Each item is worth an amount of points, with some extra bonus points for special finds. Simply print the sheet, grab your buckets and spades and go dig for some treasure.

printout_pic.jpg resized


Felix and Minnie loved searching for the items, here’s a how they got along.



The kids loved looking for pirate treasure and I expected we’d find something shiny like a bottle top that we could pretend with. Then, after some serious sand shovelling and castle building, Minnie dug up a 1947 Half Crown coin. Real pirate treasure!



And Felix found a snappy crab claw



We stayed till the sun went down and had a great adventure. My little pirates were exhausted by bedtime.




Celebrate the little things and make the most of your #94summerdays

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By Claire Dearing on 26.08.16

Guest Contributor

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