Turn your little monsters into trolls this Halloween with the latest character costumes that are bang on trend. Trolls, the film, is currently showing at cinemas. Poppy, the heroine, and Branch, her sidekick, are undoubtedly going to be a hit with your little ones. Here I show how to make a Poppy wig, which is Minnie’s favourite character, but you can just change the colour of the fake fur to make Branch or another troll.



  • An old t-shirt
  • Pink fake furry fabric
  • Green and blue felt sheets (for Poppy’s headband)
  • Iron on bonding tape
  • Basic Sewing kit

    materials 735

    You’ll also need

  • To raid your wardrobe for a few clothes. Choose bright clothes that you might not usually match together.
  • Something to pad the inside, bubble wrap or wadding.


Protect the project by covering it with a piece of material before ironing.


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  • 1

    Cut the sleeve from an old adult size t-shirt and turn it inside out to use as a lining, as the fake fur can feel itchy to delicate skin. This should be about the right size for your little ones head, but you can resize it if necessary.


  • 2

    Sandwich some bonding tape between the edge of the t-shirt lining and the reverse side of the fake fur. Place on a protective surface and iron the t-shirt liner to bond the two materials together.


  • 3

    Repeat this process all the way around the edge of the t-shirt sleeve until the fur is in a tubular shape.


  • 4

    Trim any excess fake fur material ensuring there is enough overlap to sew the two edges together.


  • 5

    Pad the tube of fake fur with some bubble wrap or wadding and sew the edge together. This only needs to be a basic stitch, as the fur will hide any imperfections.

  • 6

    Cut some strips of green felt for Poopy’s headband and some blue felt flowers.

  • 7

    Iron the felt pieces together with a piece of bonding tape between.

  • 8

    Sew the headband onto the fake fur.


To complete the Poppy look we chose a denim dress and bright pink t-shirt and tights. We also added a bit of pink face paint, but it looks just as cute without. Love Trolls!!! ‘It’s hug time!’


By Claire Dearing on 21.10.16

Guest Contributor

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