I’m constantly looking for simple ways to create my dream kitchen and while I might not yet be there, over the last few years, I’ve employed lots of different ways to create a kitchen that I do love and enjoy spending time in.

So when I was challenged by AO to come up with 15 different, relatively simple things you can do to update the look of your kitchen, I used my own as an example to share with you my tips and tricks for getting a new look without having to spend loads of money.

Most of these things can be implemented over time so you don’t need to do everything at once and you certainly don’t need to call the builders in!

Ready to give your kitchen a little love? Here are my 15 top tips!



So those are the 15 different ways we’ve updated our own kitchen. What little things have you done in your own home to update your kitchen? Any plans in the works? I’d love to hear from you!


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15 Ways to Update Your Kitchen
Article Name
15 Ways to Update Your Kitchen
Looking for simple ways to update your kitchen? We're sharing our top tips and tricks for getting a new look without having to spend loads of money!

By Kimberly Duran on 13.07.20

Guest Contributor

2 responses to “15 Ways to Update Your Kitchen”

  1. dennis hodgson says:

    I will be buying AEG DE401301DM cooker and AEG hob HK60423001B when my kitchen is ready with a power point to my satisfaction. (KITCHEN REDESIGN). Our idea is to have a tall cabinet to house the oven higher, with pan drawers underneath and the hob alongside on a table at lower level. _____We Think____
    Have you any advice as to where I should buy tall kitchen cabinet that will house the double cooker in this way or would it be difficult to achieve. Our age at 80 plus yrs it may be a dream.

    • Hello Dennis!

      It sounds like you’re having a nice new built-in kitchen. I think quite a lot of people have what you’ve described – all you need to do is make sure your appliances fit in the housing. Take the measurements of your hob and oven to whoever you choose to fit your kitchen. The measurements you’ll find on the AO.com website. I hope this was helpful for you.

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