Key things to remember…

Reasons to make your home more connected


You can have a toasty house ready for when you come in from a busy day at work with a smart thermostat.


Control your lights from your mobile phone! You can select different colour combinations and brightness levels to suit whatever it is you’re doing.


Home security cameras let you see who is around your home, anytime from your smartphone or tablet. There are even doorbells that lets you see who is calling!

There are even a whole range of appliances that can connect to the internet and your smartphone!

Smart Home Facts

4 Million UK homes are now smart homes

3 key benefits of having a connected home

  • Increased safety of the home and family
  • Saving energy
  • Making day-to-day life easier

By 2025 there will be 80 billon devices connected to the internet

How to keep your smart home safe

Be aware of email scams

You’ll need to create an online account with each connected device, so always be wary of emails that ask for your personal information. Never give out your username or password for any of your connected apps and accounts.

Update your devices and apps regularly

Once a month, check for firmware and software updates for your devices and apps. They very often contain important security upgrades.

Ensure everything is installed securely

Choose products that can’t be moved or detached easily – get outdoor cameras and doorbells installed by professionals and make sure they aren’t too visible.

Create secure passwords

Prevent password guessing! When you create a password for your new devices, make sure it’s secure. Use a combination of letters, number and symbols, and don’t include your name or date of birth within it.

Install a firewall on your home network

There are products out there designed specifically to keep smart home devices safe. If you don’t want to get one of these, it’s always best practise to have a firewall to keep out unwanted access to your network.


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Are hackers turning your smart home against you?
Article Name
Are hackers turning your smart home against you?
Want to know more about the advantages of having a connected home? We're sharing how to stay safe with new smart appliances like heating and cameras!

By Steph Robinson on 07.11.17

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