While we’re finally getting some warmer temperatures and the urge to spend more time outdoors and in our gardens grows each day, I thought I’d share the work we did in our back garden to take it from a pretty horrific ‘before’ to a rather lovely ‘after’.  Not just that, but I’ll share with you how you can get the look yourself.

My partner and I started with this rather barren wasteland at the back of our small garden.  Included in this mess was a discarded compost bin (kindly left by the previous occupiers of our home), rotting logs, concrete planters and a raised concrete path to nowhere flanked on both sides by weeds, bushes and about a hundred large rocks buried beneath.  Sitting on the deck with a glass of wine facing this sad excuse for a view was enough to get us into gear.

Swoon Worthy garden before

Over a few weekends of hard work, we turned it into this…

Swoon Worthy garden after


Hard to believe that it’s the same scrappy patch of land, no?  It is, after only one month.  After clearing the space, we took advantage of that lovely brick wall and carried the look of it through by building a small wall, laying a patio and covering the concrete path with white stones.  A small shed was erected and painted, a hanging herb garden was added and some solar lights strung up to light the way.  A couple of cans of spray paint brightened up accessories and a few potted plants later, we had a brand new look.

Want to know how to get this cute little patio garden look yourself?  Well, aside from a lot of elbow grease, it’s simple arithmetic!  I’ve included my sources for each part of the garden makeover here (or near copies of them) – all you have to do is hover over the image to be taken to the source!




So are you planning a garden makeover this year?  What’s your favourite part of your garden or patio?

All images via Swoon Worthy



By Kimberly Duran on 01.05.13

Guest Contributor

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  1. I don’t have a garden, but I love the layout of that gardening maths image! The hover-to-shop thing is so clever.

  2. Thanks so much Kirsty – I thought it was rather clever myself ;) xxx

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