It has been revealed that over eighty one percent of Brits believe gardening has a better positive affect on mental health than attending the gym. Thirty five percent elaborate on this, saying there’s a better sense of accomplishment creating a picturesque garden than running a kilometre.

Corinne Sweet, psychologist, psychotherapist, author and broadcaster, said:

“Gardening is a brilliant de-stressor. Hacking down shrubs, mowing the lawn, digging in bulbs, even just weeding and planting, can lower blood-pressure and create a healthy mindful state.

“When we garden we get fresh air, exercise and light. The latter is important to aid the body’s production of Vitamin D and Serotonin. These elements can help fend off depression and low moods. If you don’t have a garden, even doing window boxes and pots can help, as getting your hands dirty is a good way to get grounded and more relaxed. It puts us back in touch with our primaeval selves and helps iron out modern-day stresses.”

Many gardens in the upcoming Chelsea Flower Show (21st-25th May) will explore mental well-being. The Duchess of Cambridge will showcase her passion for the outdoors by designing a garden for the anticipated show.

This comes as AO release a hundred new gardening essentials including hedge trimmers and lawnmowers. David Lawson, managing director of AO said:

“We’re delighted to now be offering our customers such a wide variety of gardening tools and appliances. The research shows how gardening really does have a positive impact on mental health, and perhaps surprisingly, even more so than exercising in the gym.

Now we’re coming into the gardening season and with bank holiday on the horizon, we can’t wait to get green fingered ourselves at and we hope our customers will be doing so too.”


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By Becca Monaghan on 17.05.19

Guest Contributor

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