Whether you want to make travel vlogs or beauty videos, so much goes on behind the scenes of a good Youtube video. There are pieces of tech that you need to invest in before launching yourself into the big world of creating content. Yes it’s easy enough to film a video and upload it to Youtube. But is the sound quality putting your viewers off? Is the bad lighting in your room preventing your videos from being sharp and crisp. Little things like this, make you look unprofessional and may be stopping you from going further in your career. This equipment list will tell you everything you need to know from lighting to audio and even editing software. Arm yourself with these necessary items and you will be on the road to becoming a video whiz kid.


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The Kit You Need To Start Off As A Youtuber
Article Name
The Kit You Need To Start Off As A Youtuber
Dream of being a vlogger? We're sharing the essential parts of any Youtuber starter kit!

By Karishma Patel on 27.09.17

Guest Contributor

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